Breathe Roster is quick and easy to setup. First you'll need to set up your business and add your people, then you can move on to configure your roster your People!

Set up your Business, Locations, and People in Breathe HR

Configure Settings

Update People profiles

Roster your staff

Manage timesheets

Handy tips and useful features

Set up your Business, Locations, and People in Breathe HR

The HR Quick Start Guide has a list of the essential steps required to set up your business. We recommend you take the time to complete at least these steps before moving on to Breathe Roster, especially if you're using Breathe Payroll too.

Once you've added People and assigned them a location you'll be able to Roster them and they'll be able to submit a Timesheet if that's a requirement.

Configure Settings

The Settings page is your access to customising features and functions in Breathe Roster. There are some parameters you should set, and some automation you may choose to engage which can help you save time when building, managing and approving shifts, rosters and timesheets.

Most of the settings are self explanatory but there is detailed information about each setting here:

TIP - Make sure you save your work before you leave the page!

Update People Profiles

The basic information (such as name, phone number, and email address) for your People is maintained in Breathe HR and will be displayed here if you want to view it.

There are some fields which can be edited in the RTA user profile as they relate specifically to the RTA. We recommend that you have a look at your own profile and explore the options available. If you'd like some guidance, we explain everything here.

Roster your staff

This useful article is a quick reference for all the features and functions in the Roster page. You can start by having a read through that or you can just get started with your first roster and use the guide if you get stuck.

Add your first shift, then you can copy and paste it, or edit. Once you've built out your first roster you can create a template from that roster or you can copy it from one week to the next.

When you're happy with your work and ready to notify your staff you can Share roster.

TIP - when working in the Roster page your work remains in draft mode until you Share roster. So you can delete any action or errors before you share your work!

Manage Timesheets

You can view and approve Timesheets in the Timesheets page, the Roster page, and from the Managers Dashboard (Who's Working > Just Finished). This article has all the details.

TIP - you can set up automatic approval of timesheets in Settings, and only approved timesheets for the current payroll period will be uploaded into Breathe Payroll.

Handy Tips and Useful Features

  • Use the intercom bot to get in touch or search for support articles

  • Check out this article about how Swaps and Offers work.

  • Learn how to Roster your People in multiple Locations, Departments and Roles

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