The Event function in Breathe Roster is useful if you want to add more detail to your roster. You can also track your daily forecast vs. actual revenue and forecast vs. actual and labour costs. Event's great for scheduling recurring business items like staff meetings and can be used to track off-site or once off private events.

Enable forecasts and events - Events is turned on by default, you can turn it off here if you're not going to use it.

Use the following features to customise your view:

  • Only show users events that they are associated to

  • Show event name in roster

  • Show event value

  • Show event notes to employees

  • Show event start

  • Show event finish

  • Show event number

  • Show event address

  • Show event address name

  • Show event report to

Group events in event view by day or week - We recommend grouping by day so it'as clear when you login what's happening each day. You can have a look at week view, and see if that suits your business better than day view.

TIP - make sure you save before leaving the page!

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