The Breathe Roster TimeClock is designed to run on a dedicated device. Work through the settings below as part of your initial account setup. You can revisit and change the settings at any time.

  • Only allow within 'x' of the start of a shift - Permit your staff to Clock On for their shift anytime or restrict them to between 5-180 mins before or after the start time of the shift. If this setting is other than anytime you may wish to enable self assigned shifts so People can Clock On if outside the parameters of this setting.

  • Self assigned shifts - If you allow self assigned shifts your People can Clock On without a rostered shift. This includes being able to Clock On to a rostered shift outside of the settings here Only allow within 'x' of the start of a shift

  • Self assigned shifts - based on location means a Person can only Clock On for a shift at a location that is listed in their Breathe Roster Profile.

  • Only managers/ admins can activate the Timeclock - with this setting disabled anyone can activate the TimeClock. Please consider security implications before unchecking this box.

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