Setting up the TimeClock is quick and easy!

Login to Breathe Roster, then navigate to the TimeClock using the app switcher.

  • Once you've activated the TimeClock the app switcher is no longer visible. This ensures that your login to Breathe HR, Roster and Payroll is not accessible by other employees

  • The TimeClock will run continuously for two weeks, at which time it will deactivate. We recommend you implement a process to ensure the TimeClock is always available to staff who need to login. For example, on Monday morning the manager deactivates then activates the TiemClock as part of the business opening procedures.

  • Permissions around activating and when staff can clock in can be found in the Settings tab under TimeClock Settings.

  • Your People can also clock on and off for shifts in the Breathe People Portal or in the Employee Dashboard on desktop of mobile.

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