Onboarding done well is an important first impression for your new People. This is how we support on-boarding your new People in Breathe:

New Starter Checklist - Essential Documents

Employee Access

The Welcome Email



New Starter Checklist - Essential Documents

This is the standard information required for new employees, including how and where to store this data in Breathe HR :

E-signing and acknowledgement

The Breathe HR Company Documents function has a Mark as Read and Understood feature which complies with electronic signature stipulations as defined in the Electronic Transactions Act 1999 (Cth).

  • Use Company Documents to store (and have new People acknowledge and accept) contracts, and any company policy documents.

  • The full article on how this feature works is here.

Bank Details

  • Stored in Profile > More > Pays

  • You can import this data using both the Import New People and Update Existing People template's in People > Data.

Super Choice

  • Download the form here.

  • You can store these details in the Persons profile > More > Pays

TFN Declaration

  • Download the form here.

  • You can keep these details in the employees profile > More > Pays.

Emergency contact

  • This information can be kept in the employees profile > More > Emergency Contacts

Proof of ID

  • ID docs can be uploaded via profile > More > ID docs

Employee Access

When a new Person logs in to Breathe, and some of their details are missing, they'll see this prompt.

They can then access and update their own:

  • Summary, personal, and email notifications in their profile page

  • Bank details, Super, TFN in the More menu > Pay

There are many other fields your People can access in their own profile. Some of these fields are view only, and some they can edit and keep their own data up to date.


  • There are two tabs, Personal and Company.

  • People can upload documents to the Personal tab, but not the Company tab.

  • Read this article for more information about the Documents tab

Emergency contacts

  • A Person can view and edit this tab in their own profile

  • More details on this tab in this article.


  • A Person can view the information uploaded here

  • Find out how to set up the Equipment tab.


  • A Grievance is essentially a complaint lodged by a Person, they have access to input this information directly themselves.

  • You can find more information about Grievances here.

ID Docs

  • People can upload their own ID docs in this tab.

  • You can set expiry dates with reminders, check out all the features here.


  • A Person can view their Job information in this tab

  • Check out this article for more information on how to manage this data for your People.


  • Employees can view Kudos given to them in the More tab

  • People can give Kudos to another Person by clicking on their user name when they login and selecting Kudos

  • All the details are here.

Medical Facts

  • People can update their own information

  • This article has all the details about what information can be recorded in this tab.

COVID test results

  • People can upload their own data here

  • We can store the date and results of any testing, with comments if required.

Personal history

  • A Person can input their own information to this tab

  • We can store qualifications, memberships, education and more.


  • A Person can view their pay details in this page, nothing is editable.

  • The article on how to manage this page for your People is here

Time logs

  • This feature is designed for People to be able to log their overtime

  • Find out how time logs work here.

The Welcome Email

When you're ready to invite your staff into Breathe you can send them a Welcome email.

  • You can do this in bulk from the Manager Dashboard

  • If you want to re-send you can do so from the Persons Profile


Email notifications are enabled by default, as an admin you can access this in Configure > Settings > Notifications

People can turn off daily reminders here, but this will not prevent them from receiving initial notifications.

We notify you when your People have completed a task or uploaded a doc to help you keep track of what's happening in the system.


Keeping track of what information has been completed and uploaded into the system by your People is a significant component of on-boarding.

  • Go to People > Data > Manage Data Imports > and download the update existing people template. This report has all the primary data fields for your People.

  • You'll need to check each Persons profile for anything not on the report.

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