Our Breathe Team have been busy at work with updates to make your Payroll as seamless as possible

Version 5.14.0 has the following new features:

Enhancements & Improvements

Enhancements & Improvements

  • Resolved a miscalculation for Leave Accrual when Back Dated Leave is in the Pay Screen.

  • We fixed an issue where Commit Pay Run would not complete when a future dated Employee is in Payroll.

  • When entering a Pay Item and setting it as “Process Each Pay Period”, an update has been made to ensure that recurs each Pay Period

  • To reinstate a Terminated Employees, this will now only let users retain the Employee ID to allow continuous sync from Breathe HR.

  • Payslips will show Annual Salary for Permanent Employees only. Casual Employees will not see Annual Salary on their Payslip.

  • Removed legacy Pay Spreadsheet Import from Off-Cycle Pay wizard.

Happy Payrolling 💅

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