💡 We're back with some new features, and Breathe updates 💡

Version 5.17.0 has the following new features:

Multiple Pay Cycle Filter for Reports

Reporting Upgrades

Pronouns Inclusions 🌈

Enhancements & Improvements

Multiple Pay Cycle Filter for Reports

Now that the Multiple Pay Cycle feature is live, the next best thing, is reporting on those Pay Cycles.

When running your reports, filtering on Pay Cycles is now an option. Now you will be able to pull up different sets of information when running reports with different combinations of filters.

Reporting Upgrades

Keeping up with the Upgrades this Release with the EFT Report getting a makeover, now opening in-screen rather than a pop up, and easier to export to excel.

Pronoun Inclusions 🌈

Lets get inclusive!! You can now record pronouns in HR and share with your team how you would like to be referred to.

We have added a list of most common pronouns and customers will be able to add their own. If an employee adds a pronoun from their profile, this will be sent to HR to review.

To add a Pronoun, you will find this in HR > People > Our People > Employee Name > Blue Edit Pencil > Pronouns

Pronouns will appear on:

  • The Organisation Chart

  • Next to their name on their profile

  • Data export

  • The employee Directory

Enhancements & Improvements

  • Safeguarded the security of Commit Pay Run function to prevent multiple commits in the span of 5 mins.

  • Resolved an issue where Company Configuration changes couldn't be saved.

  • When setting an employee as a casual with a 0 Hour Work Pattern from Full-time/Part-time, this ensures employees with have empty accruals and balance on their Payslip.

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