Take a look at this quick video to see how and why to use the training feature in Breathe!

The training area displays records of any training undertaken or booked for a person. You can allow your people to either book their own training or go through a requesting process.

As an HR User, you will need to approve any training requests made by your people unless you have ticked the setting to allow them to bypass the training request process.

This setting is found under Configure > Settings > Change what people can see and do > Directly enter their own training records:

When training is requested, all HR users will receive an email, however, only one HR user needs to approve the request. If line managers are permitted to manage peoples' training, they will notification email instead.

You can approve a training request from your dashboard by clicking on the arrow icon. You will be directed to the training form.

From the training form you can simply use the buttons at the top of the page to approve or reject the training request.

From the training tab in the employee profile you can view all previous and upcoming training for that person.

To add documentation to a training record, use the arrow icon to go into the summary:

You can create your own training categories and providers by going to the Configure > Settings > Picklists > Training Categories or Provider.

Click + add and enter the name of your new category or provider.

If you have made a mistake, you can go back to the picklist page and edit or delete the records

Please note: You cannot delete training providers/ categories that are already in use in a training record.

By creating your own training types, this means you can create a predefined drop down list for your employees to choose from. This also makes the training report much easier to navigate.

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