Within Breathe you have the option to add your own profile picture. These can be manually added or via the use of a Gravatar. "A what?" I hear you cry. Do not worry, we'll explain later in this article.

How to add a profile picture

Go to your profile and hover over the default picture or one you wish to replace and click the pencil....

From here simply upload a photo from your computer/mobile device and it will ask you to crop the picture to size...

What Is Gravatar?

An "avatar" is an image that represents you onlineā€”a little picture that appears next to your name when you interact with websites.

A Gravatar is a Globally Recognized Avatar. You upload it and create your profile just once, and then when you participate in any Gravatar-enabled site, your Gravatar image will automatically follow you there.

How do I enable and disable Gravatar's?

You may find that the images your co-workers use for the Gravatar may not be suitable for the business so although we give you the option to have these present, we also give you the option to turn these off.

To do this simply go to Configure > Settings > Change what HR users can see an do > un-tick "Use gravatar images if available"

Alternately check out the gif below...

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