In Breathe you have to assign a working pattern to each employee so the system knows how many hours a week the employee works. You can create as many working patterns as you would like so each employee can have a different working pattern or multiple employees can be assigned to the same working pattern.

Create a Working Pattern

Within breathe you can create as many working patterns as you wish. To create a new working pattern go to Configure > Settings > Absence settings > Working Patterns

Click on +

You will need to create a name for your working pattern. ie 'My Company Standard Work Pattern'.

Fill in the usual hours worked on the usual days worked (please note the hours in the boxes must be round up to .0 or .5)

To save the pattern click 'add pattern'

You can add as many working patterns as you like.

You can also make the working the default working pattern by using the flag icon. This means that when you create an employee and assign them with the default working pattern this is the one they will be assigned to.

Edit and Deleting a Working Pattern

You can edit or delete, as long as no employees are assigned to it with booked holiday.

To edit a working pattern use the pencil icon and to delete a working pattern use the bin icon.

You will not be able to edit or delete a working pattern if it is assigned to a user and they have booked holiday against it.

In this case, you have 2 options:

1. To delete out all the 'booked' holiday and sickness for users who have this allowance assigned to them (ensure you check for ex employees too) and then edit the allowance.

2. Create and assign a new holiday allowance. It is then recommended that you then make a note on the employee profile to say that you have moved them from one allowance to another.

The 2nd option is preferable as the system will not record any amendments made to a holiday allowance, making it difficult to investigate any queries retrospectively

How to Assign a Working Pattern to an Employee

To assign a working pattern to an individual employee you will need to go to their employee profile.

You will then need to go to the More tab > Work Pattern & Leave Allowances

To change the working pattern, select a new working pattern from the drop down box and click 'update'

So what happens if you change an employees working pattern part way through the year? Any future booked holiday will be recalculated based on the new working hours you have assigned. It will not affect any previous taken holiday.

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