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Perkbox offers to help you improve your employee's productivity with a range of over 200 perks, including free cinema tickets, weekly coffee vouchers and supermarket/retail discounts.

Breathe and Perkbox don't currently have an integration, but not to worry, this doesn't mean that you have to manually add your Breathe employees to Perkbox. 

Simply go to Breathe's reporting tab and select Reporting > Reports > HR reports > Data export. Here, you'll see a list of all your data. You can copy and paste relevant information onto Perkbox's Import spreadsheet, saving you precious time.

The spreadsheet will look something like this:

Breathe customers who are new to Perkbox are entitled to a 10% discount. Pricing is dependent on your company size and package.

All you need to do to find out more is to click on the link below to register your interest, and Perkbox will be in touch.

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If you'd like more information on the Breathe API in general, head over to our guide:

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