In Breathe you need to assign employee's with a holiday allowance so they system knows how much holiday they are allowed. You can create a holiday allowance in days or hours, increases in length in service and allows carryover.

Create a Holiday Allowance

You can create as many holiday allowances as you wish in your account.

To set a holiday allowance got to Configure > Settings > Holiday Allowances > Add +

  • Set the title, we recommend popping a title you can easily identify since you'll be assigning this to your employees later
  • Decide whether the allowance is measured in days or hours
  • Decide whether the amount of holiday depends on length of service.
  • Chose if you allow carryover and negative carryover
  • Once you are happy click on add this holiday allowance


How to Assign/Change a Holiday Allowance

To assign an allowance to an individual employee go to your employee list > employee profile

From the employee profile click on the more tab > work pattern and leave allowances

On this page you can select the holiday scheme you wish to assign to the employee from the drop down menu and click update.

Are you trying to change an employees holiday allowance and getting a red message at the top of the screen? This is because you are trying to change the employee from a days to hours allowance (or vice versa) Click here to learn more

Have you got several employees on the same holiday allowance and don't want to have to assign them individually? Don't worry! Click here to find out how to do it.

Make a Holiday Allowance the Company Default

This is the allowance that the majority of your employees will be assigned to and it will automatically be assigned to new employees as you add them to breathe.

The default holiday allowance can be found under Configure > Settings > Absence Settings > Holiday Allowances

Your default holiday allowance will be displayed at the top of the page. To change this to another allowance at any point select a new allowance from the drop down menu and click update.

How to Edit and Delete a Holiday Allowance

To edit a holiday allowance you can use the blue arrow.

To delete a holiday allowance use the bin icon.

If you do not have the option to edit or delete the holiday allowance then this will be because employees have been assigned to the holiday allowance and have holiday booked on it. This means that is used in reporting purposes and can't be edited or deleted.

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