Sharing your briefs is simple! 

Once you publish a brief, simply hit the ‘Share Brief’ button and enter the email address you want to share it with – and Breefly® handles the rest. 

An invitation will be sent to them to accept and setup their own account on Breefly®. Once they have, they’ll automatically be granted access to those briefs you authorize access to. It’s that easy. 

To protect your data, you’ll need to authorize user access to briefs you create. Brief owners can provide access at both a brief and user level, making it easy to control access to briefs inside one platform solution. Start by finding the user(s) you wish to grant access under the ‘People’ tab by searching for their name, then tap or click to open the People Control Manager that shows you which briefs they currently have access to. Then tap or click the report title under the “Access” column to either activate or deactivate that briefs access.

Want to see all the users who have access to a particular brief? Just as easy, simply search for the brief title you wish to control access for and click in the upper right menu and select “Manage Access”. There you can activate or deactivate user access to that specific brief.

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