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Connect products using the “Linked products” block
Connect products using the “Linked products” block
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If you have multiple versions of one product split into different product listing it may be hard for customers to find the option they want. Using the “Linked products” block you can display additional products as options on your product page.

How to

Enable the product block

  1. Open the theme editor by clicking Customize next to the relevant theme.

  2. Navigate to the product template then click "Add block" within the "Product" section

  3. Move the block and add a label

    1. It's usually best to display the "Linked products" block above the "Buy buttons"

    2. Try adding a label that describes the additional linked products. If the additional products are variants of different color you could update the label to "Color".

Create metafield definition

  1. Navigate to Settings > Custom data > Products

  2. Click Add definition

  3. In the name field type “Linked collection”

  4. Ensure the namespace and key field is custom.linked_collection

  5. Set the data type as "Collection"

Update metafield

  1. Navigate to the product you’d like to update

  2. Scroll to the bottom and select a collection for the metafield

  3. Click Save

  • Metafields can also be updated using the bulk editor

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