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Adding simple tag filtering to a collection page
Adding simple tag filtering to a collection page
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Using Paper you can update collection template to use tag based filtering. This is an easy way to surface sub-categories within a collection. For example, you may have a collection titled Accessories using nested navigation you could then set up links to Wallets, Phone Cases, and Bags.

How to

Create metafield definitions

  1. Open up Settings and click Metafields.

  2. Click Collections

  3. Click Add definition.

  4. Set Name to Subtags.

  5. Set Namespace and key to custom.subtags.

  6. Click Select content type.

  7. Click Single line text.

  8. Click List of values.

  9. Click Save.

Add data to collection metafield

  1. Open the collection you’d like to add a tag filtering too

  2. Scroll to the bottom Metafields area.

  3. Enter a text value for each tag filter

    • There's no need to include "All" as that will be the first link within tag filtering

    • Each entry should match a tag that is present within your collection

  4. Click Save.

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