1. About the amount for applying

An email address can apply a maximum of 3 SIM cards.

2. About the account

There only will be one account even when you are applying for multiple SIM cards. For example, if you are applying for 3 SIM cards, the same account shows the remaining data for all 3 SIM cards.
If you wish to keep these data-information to yourself, we recommend you to apply for the cards under a different email address.

3. About sending and picking up the SIM cards.

SIM cards applied with the same account, can only be send to one location. If you wish the SIM cards to be sent to different locations, please register with different email addresses.

4. About the deposit

You can only link one credit card to an account.
 The deposit for each SIM card will be 2,200yen and is due on registration.

5. About purchase data, gaining extra free data

You can purchase data to individual SIM cards.
But free data (from companies or sharing-rewards on Facebook, etc.) belong to the account and will be equally distributed to each SIM card on the account.

6. About activating the SIM cards

When you are setting up the SIM cards and one of the cards is already connected to the internet, then you would only need to complete Step 1 and Step 2 for the other SIM cards in the setup-process.

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