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What to do when the app isn't working
What to do when the app isn't working

Troubleshooting steps for athletes

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If you are unable to see your workouts or cannot get your app to work, try the following:

  1. Keep your app up to date: We are constantly updating our platform so please check frequently for updates. You can do this by checking the version through your mobile app store.

  2. Sync: Try syncing your app by clicking on the account icon in the bottom right corner of the mobile app. Next, click "sync" to update any changes

  3. Refresh your app by closing out and reopening the app.

  4. Log out and log back in: this is another way to refresh your app

  5. Delete and reinstall the app through your mobile app store. It may have been an unsuccessful download.

  6. Contact Bridge Support if you are still having trouble accessing your workouts.

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