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How do I cancel my account/subscription?
How do I cancel my account/subscription?

How do I cancel my account and subscription

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We're sorry to hear about you are looking to cancel your subscription. Please note,

subscriptions cannot be canceled from a mobile device and will need to be done on the web.

Only subscriptions that are started through BridgeAthletic will appear here, if you signed up for a subscription with a trainer you may need to reach out to them directly.

How to Cancel:
1. Go to your Account Settings on a web browser.
2. To locate your Account Settings, click on your name which is located in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.

Click on "Account Settings"  on this drop-down menu. When the page loads, your screen will be split into two sections. On the left,  is your account information, and on the right is your Membership section. In the top right corner click on "Cancel subscription".

You will continue to have access to your workout until the end of your subscription and we will no longer charge your credit card that is on file. 

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