To get started with your BridgeTracker mobile app, first go to the app store and download BridgeTracker for your iPhone or Android mobile device. 

Sign in with the email address and password you created during registration. If you cannot remember your password, click "Forgot your login?" to rest it.

You will then be taken to the main page of the app. Click on the day you would like to view to see the length of the workout and equipment list. 

You can scroll left or right to view past and future workouts. Scroll down to view the entire month.

To Start a Workout:

After selecting your workout day, select "Start Workout" to begin your session.

If you are familiar with the exercise, you can check off each set as you complete the prescribed reps and weight. Or, you can wait until you finish all sets and tap the checkmark alongside the block name.

You can click directly on the weight or reps to modify the number performed for the set. 

If you are unsure how to do an exercise, click on the exercise image to view the video and detailed step by step photos. 

Click on an individual set to enter weights and reps.

You can attach a video, comment, or photo to an exercise by clicking on the white circle in the lower righthand corner. 

To mark your workout as complete, you can complete every set as detailed above, or you can tap "Mark Workout as Finished" at the bottom of the last block.

Profile Page:

To view the profile page, click on the menu icon in the upper lefthand corner of the main screen.

From the profile page, you can do the following:

  1. Personal Information: Click on your profile picture to make edits to your avatar, name, height, weight, and units. 

2. Sync: Sync your app to pull in any program updates. We recommend syncing your app at the start of each week. 

3. Team Stream: Click on "Team Stream" to leave a comment for your coach or teammates.

You can add a new comment or comment on an existing message.

4. Exercise History: Click to view your exercise data.

Here, you can see the total volume and load of each of your workouts. 

Clicking on a day will show you the exercise breakdown for that workout.

Click on an individual exercise to see your entire workout history for that one exercise. You can toggle between weight, reps, and 1RME to see your progression over time.

To search for an exercise you have completed, click on the alphabetical icon in the upper righthand corner of the main exercise history screen. 

Enter the exercise int he search bow, or scroll through the exercise list below. 

5. Contact Bridge: Message Bridge about any questions, concerns, or problems you may have with the platform. 

Tap the pencil icon to write a message.

Enter your message in the designated box. A screenshot can be attached by clicking on the image icon. 


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