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How to upload videos to your workout
How to upload videos to your workout

How-to steps for athletes so they can upload videos, comments, and photos for their coach to review and provide feedback from the app

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This article will show users how to upload videos to their workouts. This will allow athletes and coaches to work together and provide a more hands-on approach to virtual training. Adding videos and photos to your exercises will also help for coaches and athletes to track progress and provide feedback as their training continues.

To upload a video when you are performing an exercise, you have two options from the mobile app.

Option 1: Use the shortcut from the playlist screen. To do this, tap and hold the exercise to add an action.


Option 2: Single-tap on the exercise to expand the view. Select "add comment" in the bottom right corner.

You will be able to record a new video using your phone or add an existing video from your gallery. Once uploaded, your video will appear attached to the exercise in the team stream for your coach to view and leave constructive feedback.

You will also be able to look back and view past comments, videos, and photos by looking at your exercise history every time you perform that exercise in the app.

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