Test data is useful not only to track how your athletes are progressing, but also in prescribing weight based on % of 1-rep max (%1RME). When building your program, %1RME will automatically pull from the most recent test data point for the prescribed exercise.

To add test data for your athletes, start by selecting the team you would like to add results for within the team module.

Next, click "Enter test results" in the upper right hand side.

Select the exercise that you have test data for by clicking into the "select exercise" box and searching for the exercise in the drop down menu.

Next, select what you would like to test for (weight, reps, time, distance, height). Units can be adjusted on the far right. Select test parameter, parameter value, and test date. For this example, I have selected DB Front Squat, testing for weight with a parameter of 1 rep. Click "continue".

This will populate a list of athletes on the team. Type results for the test for each athlete in the empty boxes and click the "save" button.

Note that we will automatically calculate the 1-rep max equivalent for the athlete in the grey box to the right. This can be useful if you are entering data for anything other than a 1-rep test.

Once you save the results, you'll have the option to either return to the team page or enter another test. From the team page, you can view the test results you entered on the Team Leaders module.

You can see more detail about your results by clicking "See All" and navigating to the scorecard.

You can also add additional test results from existing tests on the 'Test History' view by clicking 'Enter test results' from the righthand corner of this page.

Once here, you can add individual results.

Lastly, be sure to click 'save' at the top of the column before exiting this page!

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