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How to build a custom program from scratch
How to build a custom program from scratch

Learn how to create a custom program custom in the Builder on Web

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Get familiar with the BridgeAthletic Builder on Web. This 15-minute video walks you through a number of key tips to customize your programming and to save time with our drag-and-drop and easy-to-user builder.

  • Navigate to the Library to create a New Program

  • Start by adding your first phase.

    • New Phase: add a blank phase to build from scratch

    • Template Phase: use one of your existing templates

    • From Existing Program: add a phase from a different program

    • Training Engine: use our AI-powered phase template engine, designed in collaboration with the EXOS Performance and Innovation Team. Get started with a template that you can fully customize.

  • Open your phase and customize your workouts! You can build from scratch, add exercises and blocks (blocks are component of a workout, think of a warmup block followed by your primary strength block, etc.)

  • Over 13 exercise parameters that you can use when designing your workouts:

    • Reps (Total or each side)

    • Weight (lbs, kg, %1RM, %Difficulty, %BW)

    • RPE

    • Time

    • Distance

    • Velocity

    • Height

    • Power

    • Force

    • Heart Rate

    • Heart Rate Zone

    • Calories

  • Build your first week in the Builder - Week View and then toggle to our Load Progression View to manage your week-to-week load progression.

Enjoy the tutorial!

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