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GymAware Integration | How To
GymAware Integration | How To
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How to set up your BridgeAthletic integration with GymAware

With the BridgeAthletic and GymAware integration, your GymAware VBT data syncs into BridgeAthletic’s program design software so you can view all Weight Room data in one place.

Data included in the integration (GymAware to BridgeAthletic):

  • Average and Max velocity

  • Conc mean velocity

  • Conc peak velocity

  • Conc peak power

  • Conc mean power

  • Conc peak force

  • Conc mean force

To set up your integration, there are 3 simple steps

Step 1: Contact your BridgeAthletic representative or to make sure your package includes the GymAware integration and to activate

Step 2: Request your account and token id from GymAware to provide to BridgeAthletic

Step 3: Identify which exercises in GymAware you’d like to link to which exercises in BridgeAthletic

Step 4: Finally, BridgeAthletic uses the first and last name of each user in GymAware to match accounts so be sure to make sure these fields match in both applications

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