You have a few different options here, and we’ve broken these down into 3 stages of commitment. Once you get going and get used to the routine, you'll find yourself getting through the content rapidly, and putting together some great pieces for your portfolio!

We recommend completing at least 1 brief per week in this time frame. This is a nice steady and achievable commitment, but you’ll still need to be motivated to get this done!

Start a routine, have a set morning or evening each week that you dedicate to Briefbox. You’ll quickly reap the benefits, even with this small amount of commitment.

As you're limiting yourself to 2-4 hours per week, ensure you pick briefs which have a similar delivery timeframe. Also, try and add a sense of urgency to your design work, aiming to complete the brief in your set time. Don't spend ages just in your research, for example. Treat it like a commercial project with a tight deadline. 

As you work through the content, you’ll begin to speed up your process. You should be aiming at 1 advanced brief, two quick fire briefs or two easy briefs per week, within this commitment timeframe.  

Remember you can contact us at anytime if you need a helping hand!

If you are in part-time work or part-time education and have 2-3 spare days available, for example, you may have the option to allocate this much time Briefbox. You’ll definitely increase your design skills at a much quicker rate, but you’ll also need to be super committed. 

We highly recommend checking in with us and sharing your progress as you complete each brief along the way. That way we can help you meet your target deadlines and work through any problems you're having, together. We're always here to help! 

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