Check-In Codes

Some states require parent signatures as part of their licensing standards, a Check-In code is the digital equivalent. Check with your local licensing authority on this subject.


If you need to set up or you’ve forgotten your check-in code/would like to change it, this can be done within your profile in the app. Here’s how:

  1. From the homescreen in the app, access the main menu by tapping the 3 little lines in the top left
  2. Tap your profile name on the top
  3. Scroll to the bottom of your profile and tap Change Check-In Code
  4. You'll see a button that says, "Generate New Code." 


Auto-generated check-in codes are now part of an improved parent check-in experience, which allows each parent to quickly check-in their own child, without the need to search through all children in the school.

In the app, the code can be found by tapping Edit Profile.  And on the web, it is listed under Settings >  My Profile . If you need to update or change your 4 digit code, you'll notice a "Generate New Code" button after clicking on the code and the system will give you a new one.

The code will be also be displayed on the home screen of the app for parents to view, but the box can easily be closed by clicking on the "x" on the left hand side of the box. 

Example of how it will appear:


Can parents choose their own code?
No, it is an auto-generated code.

Can teachers choose their own code?
Again, no, it's auto-generated and cannot be customized.

Can parents or teachers update their code on the website?
The required check-in code can only be edited and toggled on and off within the app from the check-in screen.

Go to Check-in > Tap the gear icon at the top > toggle Check-in codes

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