Staff Check In & Ratios FAQ

One of our newest feature allows you to check in your staff, view timecards, and make sure your ratios are set up appropriately. Below are some commonly asked questions.

How does Staff Check-in & Ratios work? From your App Menu, choose Admin Tools. From there, you can now enable the ability for staff to check in and out just like the children. Once you start having teachers check-in and out, you can check the Room Check screen for accurate ratios.

How do I set up Staff Check In? Right now, only staff with admin privileges can see the Admin Tools where you will find Staff Check In. Staff members can select their name from the admin's device and input a check in code. This will be noted on their timecard.

Pro Tip: Set a device up at the front desk and lock the screen by tapping the lock icon in the upper right corner. As staff arrive and leave school they can check-in and out at the front desk. 

Where can staff find/edit their check-in codes? For staff check in, we require a check in code. You and your teachers can go to your Profile settings and set the check in code for your own account.

1. Click the Menu on the top left of their mobile app.

2. Click their own profile picture to be taken to the profile page.

3. Select "Change Check- In Code to set a new code.

Can staff check in on their own devices? You can limit your staff's access to check-in by visiting your settings in the app:

  1. In "Admin Tools" select "Student & Staff Check-in"
  2. Click the settings wheel at the top-right of the screen
  3. Toggle on or off the setting "Permit Staff Self Check-in"
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