To archive children without deleting their data you can simply change their enrollment status to Inactive, Graduated, Removed, or Duplicate. Doing this will filter out past students from your actively enrolled students by default. This is a better option than deleting a student because you are able to maintain necessary records for billing, tax, and other reporting purposes. In an effort to help programs maintain the appropriate data, brightwheel does not have the ability to delete students completely. 

Please Note: The brightwheel student enrollment count is based on Active students only. 

Setting A Student's Enrollment Status

You can set the enrollment status of a student on their profile on the web portal or the app. This can also be done in bulk on the web if several students statuses need to be updated. 

From the app:

  1. Select student
  2. Tap Profile at the top-right
  3. Select  the Status field
  4. Choose "Inactive" from the list of statuses. (Or choose the desired status)
  5. Tap Save
  6. Tap Save again to confirm profile changes

There are a few options for students that are leaving your school: Graduated, Inactive, Removed, and Duplicate. For students that will be joining your school, you can choose from: Lead, Toured, Applied, and Waitlist.

Filtering according to Enrollment Status


You can filter for all students with a particular enrollment status using the status field on the Students section of the brightwheel web portal:


In the app Tap Manage (or the Gear Icon on Android) to filter for particular student statuses:

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