Lesson Plans
Lesson plans allow you to organize classroom learning, activities, routines, themes and events for each Room on a weekly basis.
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With brightwheel's simple Lesson Planning tool you can create custom curriculum and activity plans that can be assigned to one or multiple Rooms.  Make changes quickly and easily, or re-use the lesson plans each year - it's up to you! If you are not sure where to begin, check out the sample lesson plan created by brightwheel already in your account.

Table of Contents

Create Lesson Plans

To create your first Lesson Plan, log into the web app on any web browser and follow the steps below:

  1. Select the Learning tab at the top of the screen, then select Lesson Plans

  2. Select New Lesson Plan

  3. Enter the name of that week's plan

  4. Select the week you would like to schedule the lesson plan to, as well as the Room or Rooms the plan applies to.  Note: These are the rooms that will be able to View the lesson plan from their mobile device.

  5. Next, enter an optional theme or note to apply to each day

  6. Create a Category for each row of activities throughout the week, to create a new category, just type the name and hit Enter

  7. Enter a brief description for each day under the categories you have created and add a Lesson created for each category

That's it!  All of your edits are saved as you go, or you can select Save Lesson Plan at the top of the template. You can also add a brief weekly note for your staff at the bottom of the week's lesson plan.

Pro Tip:  Category rows can be used to organize lessons into times of the day, or developmental domains, depending on each classroom or program's needs.

Please Note: Each room can only have one lesson plan added to them per week.

Edit and Delete Lesson Plans

Once your Lesson Plans are created, you can make changes anytime from the web.

To Edit:

Simply navigate back to "All Lesson Plans" to view a list of what you have created.

Click on the name of the plan to open the template and make changes.

To Delete a lesson plan, scroll to the bottom of the plan and click Delete Lesson Plan.  Note that this action cannot be undone.

In order to delete a category from your lesson plan, make sure that all lessons have been removed from that category first.

Printing Lesson Plans

Once your Lesson Plans are created, you have the option to print them.

To Print:

Simply navigate to "All Lesson Plans" to view a list of what you have created.

Select the plan you wish to print, and click the print button located on the top right.


Can I see Lesson Plans on my mobile device?

A detailed description of steps for viewing Lesson Plans from the mobile app can be found here:

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