The student contact report is a great way to pull an updated list of all contacts associated with a specific student. This report can be filtered by Room and/or Student status.

This report offers some unique functionality, so let's walk through some of these filter option:

  • Type of Contact: It's important to understand the different contact types and their best uses. You have the option of Parent, Family, Approved Pickup, or Emergency Contact. Checkout this article to better understand each contact type. 

  • Show missing contacts: By clicking this box, any student missing this contact type will be displayed. This is great if you require emergency contacts for each student and want to fill in any gaps. 

To run the Contacts Report

  1. Login online and navigate to the Reports section

  2. Choose the Contacts option under Student Reports

  3. (Optional) Select the desired filters for Room and Student Status

  4. (Optional) Select the desired Contact Type(s) 

  5. (Optional) Check/uncheck the Show missing contacts box 

  6. Click Create Report

You can Print or Export this report using the grey button located at the top right-hand corner of the report. 

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