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Setting a starting balance is helpful when you are transitioning to brightwheel billing from another billing solution. This ensures that your student's account balances are accurate on day one. Setting a starting balance for a student can be done from the student's Billing Account on the web portal. If the parent has an outstanding balance they owe the center, then create a new Immediate One-time Charge. If the parent has an outstanding credit that they are able to draw from for future charges, add a new credit.

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Issue a Starting Balance Charge

Adding an Immediate One-Time Charge allows you to create a one-time charge that posts to the student's account. Then the parent will be able to pay.

  1. Click Select an action and choose a Add a one-time charge

  2. Filter and select the student(s) to charge and click Add charges

  3. Add charges from your existing charge list or create a new one and click Save

  4. Click Set a schedule

  5. Choose how you would like to charge the parent and enter the Due date if charging Immediately*

  6. Click Review

  7. Review and make any needed edits and click Create charges

*Please Note: Charges that have been posted cannot be edited. If there is a mistake, adjust the charge from the student's billing account.

Issue a Starting Balance Credit

If the family currently has an account credit that they can draw from for future charges, new credit can be added to the student's account to reflect their actual credit balance.

  1. Navigate to the student’s Billing Overview page

  2. Choose to Add a credit from the Select an action drop-down

  3. Enter the Amount, choose a Reason from the drop-down, and add any additional Notes

  4. Once complete click Add credit

Updating A Starting Balance

Charges that have been posted to a student's billing account cannot be edited. If you have charged too much, use the adjust a charge option to issue a credit on that charge. If the credit entered was too large, create a new immediate one-time charge for the difference as explained in the section above. This will draw down the credit as needed.

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