The one-time charge feature in brightwheel billing allows administrators to add additional charges to a student's upcoming statement, bill parents outside their standard billing plans, or bill for students that do not have a billing plan set up. This allows additional flexibility and control over your school's finances. 

Create a New One-time Charge

When creating a new one-time charge, the parent will be notified immediately and the student's balance will reflect the new charge as soon as it's created. The earliest due date that can be set for immediate one-time charges is two days in the future. This gives parents some time to review and prepare for the charges.

  1. Click Create new and choose One-time charge

  2. Filter and select the student(s) to charge and click Add charges

  3. Add charges from your existing charge list or create a new one and click Save

  4. Click Set schedule

  5. Choose how you would like to charge the parent and enter the Due date if charging Immediately*

  6. Click Review

  7. Review and make any needed edits and click Create charges

*Please Note: One-time charges that are sent immediately cannot be edited. If there is a mistake, adjust the charge from the student's billing account. 

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