Attendance-based billing allows administrators to charge parents an hourly rate so that parents only pay based on how long their student was in attendance each day. This allows centers to more easily accommodate part-time or drop-in students while only charging parents for the hours they use. This feature uses the student’s check-in/out records to track their attendance and then enables administrators to quickly add charges to the student to be paid immediately or on the next statement.

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Add an Attendance Charge

The attendance-based billing feature in brightwheel billing allows administrators to add new charges to a student’s billing account based on the student’s check-in/our records in brightwheel. The process allows the administrator to enter custom hourly rates and create a charge based on the total attendance hours that can be added to the student’s next statement or charges independently.

  1. From the Create new drop-down choose Attendance charge

  2. Choose the students that need a new charge created and click Add charges

  3. Fix any errors and enter hourly rates for each student and day, or add the same rate in bulk*

  4. Click Set a schedule when complete

  5. Choose On next statement to apply the charge to the student’s usual billing cycle, or Immediately to make the payment due right away

  6. Click Review to see an example of the new charge and Create charges to complete

Please Note: The preview displayed on the Review page will display the first student’s information as an example. Each student will have a different email/charge according to their records.

*Set Hourly Rate in Bulk

To save time, check the box next t each record that requires the same hourly rate. A new banner will display at the bottom allowing Select all and Set hourly rate. Click that button and enter your desired rate, click Set rate to apply.

Fix Errors

Creating an attendance charge should be as easy as possible! In instances where the student did not check-in or check-out, the tool will require the administrator to update the attendance records before creating the charge. Please note that doing so updates the actual attendance record in the student’s feed and directly in the charge flow. Simply click on the button and add the missing time.

Please Note: Any updates to the check-in/out times made here will immediately update the student’s feed. Once these hours have been billed, they cannot be edited or deleted from any record.

Potential Messages

  • Fix Error - A check-in/out record is missing and needs to be corrected to proceed.

  • Orange Info - One or more of the billable hours in the timeframe chosen has already been billed

  • Purple Info - All billable hours in the timeframe chosen has already been billed

Modify an Attendance Charge

Attendance charges are directly tied to the student’s attendance records in brightwheel. Once an attendance charge has been created for a specific check-in/out record, those records cannot be modified in any way. If the attendance charge was sent Immediately, this charge cannot be modified. If there is a mistake on a charge sent immediately, then the center should issue a credit.

If an attendance charge was added to the next statement, then the charge can be modified or deleted up until the statement is sent. These charges will be added to the Pending charges section of the student’s billing account. Simply click the pencil icon to edit the charge.

Please Note: The amount of an attendance charge cannot be edited from the pending charge, if the rate provided was incorrect, the charge should be deleted and then recreated to reflect an accurate amount.

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