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This article will outline what reporting options are available to you as a provider. This reporting can be valuable for your own program's tax purposes or if you are pulling reporting on behalf of a parent for a student at your program.

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Reporting Options

Student Transaction Summary

If you need reporting on student transactions that occurred during a specific date range that is exportable as a PDF, the Student Transaction Summary report is a great option. Administrators can export the transaction summary for any individual student over any desired timeline. You can find this report on the individual student's billing account page.

  1. Log in to an administrator account on the web

  2. Click to open the Billing page from the purple sidebar menu

  3. Jump to the Students tab

  4. Locate and click to open the desired student's billing profile

  5. Open the All transactions tab

  6. Open the Credits & payments tab

  7. Remove the 'Credit' filter under Transaction Type

  8. Click the purple Export button

  9. Use the date picker to determine the Start and End dates

  10. Click Export once more

  11. Click Download if desired to download the report right in your browser or view the copy sent to your account's email address

Please Note: If the steps above are not what you see in your account, please see here for relevant steps!

Billing Transactions Report

If you need reporting that has more comprehensive information on all transactions that have been recorded on the school's ledger or simply just need the ability to export an editable CSV, the Billing Transactions Report is a great option. You can export this report as a CSV and use any spreadsheet software to filter the transaction types like online/offline payments, refunds, and voids.

  1. Log in to an administrator account on the web

  2. Click to open the Billing page on the purple sidebar menu

  3. Jump to the Reports tab

  4. Click to open the Billing Transactions report

  5. Select the Earliest post date and Latest post date
    💡By default, the dates will be set to list all of the transactions on your account in the last 30 days but can be adjusted as needed.

  6. Select the Transaction type(s) that should be included in the report

  7. Set the Student, Room, and Student status filters, if desired

  8. Click Apply Filters

  9. Click the gray Export button

  10. Deselect any fields you don't want to be included in the export

  11. Select recipients from the list, or add email addresses for new recipients

  12. Click the orange Send to button

The exported report will be sent via email and can be opened in Excel, Google Sheets, Numbers, or any other spreadsheet tool.

For Providers that Updated Billing Platforms This Year

The steps above are relevant for any providers who reside on Billing Version 3 currently or migrated from Version 2 to Version 3 in 2022. All V2 data transfers directly to V3 and will be reflected in the student's billing profile and in reports.

If you migrated from Version 1 to 3 in 2022, please see our Access Legacy Billing Data as a Provider resource for the applicable steps.

Parent Resources

If you want to share relevant resources with your parents to help them prepare for tax season, view the Tax Resources to share with Parents article. This resource links to related articles and PDFs that can be shared directly with parents based on your program's billing platform version.

Please Note: This publication is designed to provide general information regarding the subject matter covered. It is not intended to serve as legal, tax, or other financial advice related to individual situations. Because each individual's legal, tax, and financial situation differs, specific advice should be tailored to the particular circumstances. For this reason, you are advised to consult with your own attorney, CPA, and/or other advisors regarding your specific situation.

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