Billing Setup Instructions for Parent

Get setup to make payments to your school through brightwheel

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TIP: Watch the above video for a full walkthrough of this process or view and print the following PDF to reference: BillingParentSetupGuide.pdf

Set up your billing information in your brightwheel account to easily pay student invoices! Be aware that the payment method setup process can sometimes take up to 3 days, please give yourself time to set up the account so that you can pay on time. Additionally, only checking accounts and credit/debit cards can be set up as a payment methods. For payments via cash, check, or subsidy - coordinate with the school directly.

  1. Sign in to your account online or in the mobile app

  2. From the main page, click Set Up Payments
    (If your school has sent invoices for your child, they will appear on the following page)

  3. Go to the Payment Settings tab

  4. Click Add

    1. If using a bank account, follow these Link a Bank Account steps

    2. If using a credit/debit card, follow these steps

  5. Once the preferred payment method is ready to be added, respond to the 'Enroll in Autopay?' popup by selecting Not right now or Enroll in Autopay

  6. Once your payment method is successfully added, pay any necessary invoices

If wanting to enroll in autopay in the future, change the default payment method or remove a payment method, view the linked content!

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