What it means: Items marked as Staff Only are not sent to parents. You will see these items when viewing student feeds as a staff member. When parents go to their child's feed, these items will not appear.

Why it's useful: This is great for assessments, observations, and private communication amongst staff members about student learning and behaviors.

Admin Approval feature: Staff Only is also a great way to enable admin approval of posts for those schools that desire this functionality. When teachers mark a post as Staff Only, the admin can simply later remove this designation to publish items to a student's feed.

Here's how to enable and use this feature:

From the app:

  1. Click "Admin Tools"
  2. Select "School Profile"
  3. Turn on the "Default Activities to Staff Only"  setting.
  4. Click Save

Then when a staff member posts any activity for a child it will be set to "Staff Only."

Then review these activities from the web portal:

  1. Select a Room
  2. Click the "Feed" tab
  3. Toggle on "Staff Only"
  4. Review activities and check mark the ones you wish to approve
  5. Click the "Approve" button.

Then these approved activities will be available for parents to see.

Watch the Admin approval tutorial video here:

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