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Daily Reports are at the heart of brightwheel. Teachers save time by logging all of the daily reports straight from their Mobile App. Some schools use all the activities, while others choose to start with one or two. You will need your students added or check our Getting Started Checklist. Teachers can pull a Data Report of all the activities logged for a particular student or class.


List of Daily Activities 

How to Log Activities For A Daily Report 

The Daily Feed (View for Parents)


List of Daily Activities

Here is the list of Activities that you can choose to record:

*Photo and Video Sharing: Take a photo or video of a child or the whole group and share it with parents.

Learning Activities: Share an update on the activity (Arts, Cognitive, Communication, Fine & Gross Motor, Literacy, Social) and add comments for parents. Attach a photo or mark the activity Staff Only.

*Notes: Post a note about the class or leave a specific staff only note on a child's account. Use this to share "newsletter" type updates! Find out more about sending messages directly to parents.

Food: Log “All, None, or Some” of the food eaten at different meals, create custom food tags, and add comments and/or photos. 

Nap: Start and stop the nap time. The timestamp will be recorded on the child’s feed.

Potty: Choose Diaper, Accident or Potty. Then, “Wet, BM, or Dry” and add comments for parents.  

Kudos: Recognize a milestone or job well done.

Incident: Log an incident for the parents or just for staff.

Meds: Track what and when medications were given that day. Check the profile for Meds & Allergies.

Name to Face (Spot Check): Just for internal staff use if you have to check students into new activities, rooms, or programs throughout the day.

*Most Popular Activities

How to Log Activities For the Daily Feed

  1. Select a Room
  2. Click the Add Activity wheel on the bottom middle
  3. Select an activity
  4. Tag an individual, some, or all of the children
  5. Log the activity (Click here to learn how to edit the individual post)


  • To confirm how it looks for a particular child, click on a child’s profile and view their feed.
  • Privacy is very important to us. Parents will only see the updates for their particular child.
  • Parents will see these real time updates on their Child’s Daily Feed in their parent version of the app.
  • No emails are sent, instead, they will receive notifications for Notes, Photos, Incidents, & Check In.


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