Reports Web Only. Accessible for Admins & Staff

Brightwheel has been known to save teachers 5 hours a week. The key to this is our analytics & reporting feature. At anytime, teachers can download a list of check ins, or other activities for their records. This can help for billing needs, state requirements, staff evaluation or licensing standards. We offer in-browser reports for check-ins, and the rest of the reports come in a downloadable and exportable CSV (Excel) file. 


Available Reports

Here are the different reports that are available. You can download a report for a particular date range and room. You can pull data reports historically. All data will remain.

  • Check Ins (Attendance)
  • Notes
  • Potty Usage
  • Medication
  • Nap Time
  • Food
  • Learning Activities
  • Incidents
  • Kudos
  • Spot Checks (for the activity currently called Name to Face)

Download A Report

  1. Select Reports Tab 
  2. Select the Type of Activity 
  3. Select the date range
  4. Select the Room or All
  5. Select your time zone
  6. Enter the email that you wish to send the report.

Tips For Reports

  • To view a particular student: Sort by students on the excel spreadsheet.
  • If you notice #####, please expand the width of the columns.
  • Didn't receive your report?  Search your inbox for and double check your spam.
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