Add & Invite Parents Do this from the Web or App

Parents will love getting Daily Reports on their son or daughter in real-time, but first we must get them set up. There are 3 ways you can invite parents: Automated Email Invitation, Printable Parent Invitations, or via SMS Text Message.

Nuts & Bolts: The Parent Experience

  • Parents can set up accounts on the Mobile App or the web. We highly encourage the App, so the parent will receive push notifications.
  • Parents will only see their child’s daily report feed and can edit the profile information.
  • Parents can view multiple siblings on one account.
  • Parents have access to the daily feed, a messaging feature, and a calendar.
  • Multiple parents can be assigned to a student.
  • Authorized Pickup Accounts are also offered for non-parents to receive updates or handle checkouts.

Note: If a parent is also a teacher, that parent needs a separate email address.

Advanced: Tracking Parent Sign Ups 

Pro Tip: We recommend sending parents a personalized email from your school email informing them about brightwheel. You can use one of these draft emails to get you started.

Inviting Parents Via Email

If you want to tell parents about brightwheel even before inviting them, we recommend you use this Flyer!  Otherwise, make sure you have added students and follow the instructions below to invite via email. NOTE: You can add parent email addresses in bulk via our Easy Roster Upload tool.

From the Web, please do the following:

  1. Click Students Tab
  2. Select a child
  3. Scroll on their Profile to the section: Parents
  4. Type in the name, email, phone number of the Parent. (Repeat with additional parents/[guardians]).

or, from the Mobile App, choose to do the following:

  1. Click on a child
  2. Select edit on the top right
  3. Scroll to Parent section
  4. Add in the Parent’s name and email.

Instantly, the parent will receive an email with an invitation from brightwheel. They are prompted to download the app and create an account with the same email that was added on the child’s profile.

Our system will immediately recognize the email and connect the parent to the child.

Note: If the parent does not get the email (or misplaces it) that is ok. Please still instruct them to create an account with the same email as you have listed or simply resend the invitation from the Parent tab on the web.


Inviting Parents 10 - digit code 

 You can find your Parent Invite codes for each child on the web under the "Info" section of a child's profile. After a parent creates an account they will be prompted to enter their child's 10 digit code.

Note: If you have already added a parent's email address to their child's profile, they will automatically be connect to their child and will not need a 10 - digit code. 

You can also find Parent Invitation Handouts on the web version of brightwheel.

  1. Select Parents tab
  2. Select “Download Parent Invitations” 
  3. Download & Print the handouts & share with the parents.

Here is an example of the handout.

  • Parents will follow the instructions by creating an account and entering in the specific 10 Digit code.
  • This will associate them with your child and their name and their email will appear on the Child Profile.

Note: If you never shared these handouts, but a parent is asking you for a 10 digit code. We recommend the much faster solution of adding the parent's email to the child’s account instead of downloading the list for the class to retrieve the specific code.

Inviting Parents Via SMS text messaging

 If you do not have an email address on file for a parent, you can now invite them via SMS text message via our web portal.

  1. Select Parents tab
  2. Next to a child's name, select “Invite Parents” 
  3. Select "No" when asked if you have an email address.
  4. Enter the parent's 10 digit phone number.
  5. They will be sent a text message with instructions on downloading the app and connecting to their child. 

Tracking Parent Sign Ups

You can track the status of your parents’ sign up from the Web version of brightwheel.

  1. Click Parents 
  2. View the information to the right of each name.
  3. Look for a “Signed Up”  
  4. You’ll receive an email every time a parent sign-ups notifying you that they activated.

Note: If they have not yet signed up, you can send a reminder by clicking “Send Reminder”

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