Getting Started Checklist

Set up your school on either the mobile app (Android or Apple) or on the website. The features for daily reports, check in, and messaging can only be found on the App - so make sure to download it as part of the set up process.


Step 1 -- ACCOUNT SETUP Web or App

Option A - brightwheel does the setup

+ Upload your Roster

Option B - you do the setup

+ Add a Room

+ Add Students

Step 2 -- STAFF Web or App

+ Add & invite Staff

Once they are added they will automatically be given access to all rooms so you will need to manually edit their room access. Once they create a staff account with the same email address listed in the school account, then your staff can begin playing around and familiarizing themselves with the app by documenting activities in the demo room.

+ Train the Staff on brightwheel

Step 3 -- PARENTS Web or App

+ Inform & invite Parents

While brightwheel does send invitations to parents, we know parents are more likely to open emails from someone they know such as the director or teacher at the center rather than a large company. We recommend that centers personalize and send parents one of the draft emails in this doc.

Use Draft 1 if you wish to only use brightwheel for communicating with parents and/or attendance. Use Draft 2 if you wish to use both 1) brightwheel billing and 2) brightwheel for communicating with parents and/or attendance.

Step 4 -- INTERACT App Only

+ Attendance & Check In

+ Daily Reports & Activities

+ Messaging

+ Calendar & Events

Step 5 -- MEASURE Web

+ Reports & Data

+ Billing

Find out more about special features only available for Admins: Admin Tools

Still evaluating? We encourage you to Pilot brightwheel with one classroom or one family and get feedback from your parents! Click here to learn more about brightwheel’s mission, strategy, and future pricing or download the app to play around with some sample students.

Want to pitch brightwheel to your school or board? Use these Resources

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