Brightwheel Premium is the only all-in-one solution that covers check-in, daily reporting, class management, staffing, bill pay, assessments, and much more. It also gives access to our top notch Customer Support team to help you and your parents with all your needs. Premium has been shown to:

Premium includes:

  1. Premium Features: Staff management, messaging, videos, discounted billing and much more. Plus many new features on the way!
  2. Premium Support: Access to our incredible support team via email, phone, and chat.

For more detailed information, visit our Premium site

What if I have access to some Premium features today?

As we have been building brightwheel, some providers have had access to Premium features and/or support at no cost. Our Premium page has always outlined the differences in these account types. Rather than charge upfront, we allowed some providers to use Premium features as we improved them. Going forward, you will need to elect whether you wish to enroll in Premium to maintain access to Premium features and support.

How much does premium cost?

Brightwheel Premium is a monthly subscription based on enrollment. To see your pricing, visit your Account page under settings. If you have more than 75 students or more than 1 location, please reach out to us here, and a member of our customer team can provide you with a special discount.

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