Please note this process can sometimes take up to 3 days, please give yourself time to set up the account so that you can pay on time!

Also available as a PDF if you need to print: SettingupBillingforParents.pdf

STEP 1: Sign into your account and click “Set Up Billing”

STEP 2: ClickPayment Settings”

If your school has send invoices to your child, they will appear here

STEP 3: Click “Add Payment Method”

STEP 4a: If adding a bank account, click “Connect Your Bank Account”

Follow the steps listed to select your bank account and sign in.

STEP 4b: If your bank is not listed in the options in that pop-up, navigate back to the main “add payment method” window and click “add your account manually”

STEP 4c: If your school is accepting credit cards, you will also see the credit card option listed. If you want to add your card, toggle to the credit card view.


  1. Once the account is connected, we need to verify your account.
  2. This can take 2 business days. (Just remember if you did this after 5pm, the business day starts the next day) Keep an eye on your account!

You will receive an email shortly after entering your bank information, outlining the process as well:

Once you see the few cents is deposited in your bank account, add the numbers on this screen. (This screen will wait for you and will be here when you sign back in).

STEP 6: Once you successfully verify your payment method, you can pay your invoices here on your main payments page:

When viewing unpaid invoice, will see:

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