Is my data safe on Briink?
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Briink, we take the safety of our customer’s data very seriously. We issued a SOC 2®Report which provides an external audit that demonstrates we are meeting the security commitments we have made to our customers. You can learn more on our security page.

As part of this accreditation, we provide full end-to-end encryption in transit and encryption at rest as default of all client data within the Briink production system using TLS v1.2 or above. We also provide object-level permission, logically separate data and identify authentication to enforce that data can only be accessed by the correct user.

We also use best practices for infrastructure security by totally segregating our production environment from staging and development environments, and ensuring all services in the production environment are locked-down on a “least-access principle”.

We use secure identity providers to further harden our protection of user management data, which includes best-in-class security features for authorization (including SSO, MFA, attack-protection, enforced password policies, account access monitoring).

Finally, we ensure the code base deployed on our infrastructure minimizes security risks by following a robust process for software development and code review with enforced branch policies.

Automated vulnerability scans are run on our entire codebase as well as deployed containers to identify vulnerabilities and mitigate these before deployment. Wider vulnerability scanning is conducted on a regular basis, to identify and remediate other security risks as well as an annual risk assessment to address wider security concerns.

For further information on how Briink ensures client data is secure please see our full security page.

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