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What's included in your free plan?
What's included in your free plan?
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On our free plan, you enjoy limited weekly access to the following features:

  • ESG Doc Chat: Ask any ESG question to your documents, and extract meaningful insights (and sources) at scale.

  • The free plan includes 3 Doc Chats / week.

  • Good Governance Screener: Screen documents in bulk to find good governance indicators and perform a good governance gap analysis. You can upload one or multiple documents.

  • The free plan includes 2 Good Governance Assessments / week.

The free plan also includes these additional benefits:

  • Basic Customer support

Is the ESG Questionnaire Assistant included in your free plans?

ESG Questionnaire Assistant allows you to unlock even more power to assess your company documents - ask ESG questions in bulk or upload ESG questionnaires, and watch as our AI completes them automatically in a few minutes.

This feature is currently not available under our free plan, but only to our Premium and Growth users.

Consult our pricing page to learn more.

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