What is the ESG Doc Chat?

Briink's ESG Doc Chat lets you chat and extract meaningful ESG insights from multiple PDFs.

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Briink's ESG Doc chat allows you to interact in real time with ESG and Sustainability documents, including Annual Reports, human rights policies, and any other document containing information about a company's approach to environmental, social, economic (ESG) and governance issues.

You can use the ESG Doc Chat by simply uploading documents, and submitting questions about its contents to extract the data you need. The chatbot will generate answers to your questions based on the information contained in the document. The chatbot additionally provides sources to each answer, so that you can audit the output provided and reference your analytical work.

With ESG Doc Chat, you can upload and ask questions about multiple documents from the same company. This is useful if you want, for example, collect or track environmental, social or governance metrics or KPIs across different documents.

๐Ÿšจ IMPORTANT: Running an assessment on multiple documents that do not pertain to the same company is not recommended, as it might lead to inaccurate and misleading results.

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