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How to use Briink's ESG Questionnaire Assistant - step by step
How to use Briink's ESG Questionnaire Assistant - step by step

This guides walks you through Briink's questionnaire assistant feature, which helps you automatically fill out ESG questionnaires with AI.

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What is Briink's "ESG Questionnaire Assistant"?

Briink's ESG Questionnaire Assistant is designed to help you fill out your ESG and sustainability questionnaires in minutes by extracting meaningful ESG metrics and data automatically from documents.

The ESG Questionnaire Assistant is a flexible feature and it's not constrained to a specific ESG framework - you can use it to autocomplete any kind of ESG questionnaire.

This tool is specialized in the extraction and identification of information that relates to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG metrics and factors. Preliminary tests show that our tools are about 30% more accurate than "generic" AI models in ESG-specific tasks.

How to use "ESG Questionnaire Assistant", step-by-step:

Step 1. Add your first questionnaire

Create ESG questionnaires tailored to their specific needs (such as a supply chain questionnaire, an ESG due diligence questionnaire for your portfolio companies, or an official ESG questionnaire (e.g. EcoVadis or IntegrityNext questionnaires).

  • You can create new questionnaires by simply clicking on "Manage questionnaires" and then clicking on the "+ New questionnaire" button on the top-right corner.

  • Next, give your questionnaire a title and add your questions by simply entering each question on a separate line. You can also copy-paste questions from another file, just make sure each is on a separate line.

Step 2. Document selection

Once your questionnaire is in place, it’s time to choose the documents you want to assess. These documents can include sustainability reports, financial statements, CSR documents, and other relevant sources of information.

With Briink, you can add multiple documents at the same time. However, to guarantee the integrity of results and minimize the chance of hallucinations, we highly recommend to only upload multiple documents that belong to the same company. The tool does not currently have the ability to look at multiple companies under a single assessment.

Similarly, uploading reports that refer to different years (for instance, Sustainability Report 2022, 2023 and 2024) can result in false outcomes or hallucinations. If you have doubts and would like more information on document upload best practices, reach out to Briink via Intercom.

Tip: If you have already assessed your documents in Briink previously, we recommend not to upload the documents again. Instead, select them from the file history. This will make processing faster and more environmentally friendly.

Step 3. Run your automatic questionnaire

The tool then automatically populates the questionnaire with the extracted data, creating an ESG report in a fraction of the time it would typically take an ESG analyst.

You can also edit your questionnaire results directly in the tool.

Important: Depending on file size or number of documents uploaded, your questionnaire processing might take up to a few minutes. If you experience issues in the processing phase, do no hesitate to reach out to our support team via Intercom.

Step 4. Export your results

Finally, you can easily export your results to a Google or Excel sheet by clicking on the Export icon.

Important: The export feature is only available to Premium or Growth users. If you would like to unlock this feature, you can upgrade your plan here.

Currently, we support exports in .xls and .csv formats.

New feature: Automatic question suggestions!

Thanks to this feature, you will get instant suggestions on how to improve your questions on ESG questionnaire assistant.

How to get started with suggestions:

  1. Navigate to the ESG Questionnaire Assistant.

  2. Make sure “Show suggestions” is toggled on.

  3. Add a new question.

  4. Let the magic unfold!


Always make sure to thoroughly check the results provided.

We are continuously improving the accuracy of our models, but our AI tools might occasionally hallucinate and produce misleading results. Briink tools always reference its document sources, so doing so it’s super easy to double-check the results.

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