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How does the FUB integration work?

Follow Up Boss (FUB) integrates with the Brokermint back office to eliminate double entry and most importantly save your time as it manages leads, contacts, and transactions, takes care of document management, compliance, commission tracking, and financial reports. When a new lead is coming in FUB it will sync all contact information, including name, phone, email, etc to your back office.


The current Brokermint and Follow Up Boss deals integration works in 2 directions:

  1. on the basis of a “deal” being created first in Follow Up Boss which then sync to your back office as an incoming transaction;

  2. on the basis of a “deal” being created first in Brokermint which then sync to Follow Up Boss. The sync works every 2-5 minutes after the transaction has been updated.


The core fields in Follow Up Boss deals are:

  • Deal name - should be a deal address from Brokermint;

  • Price;

  • Commission;

  • Close Date;

  • People - contacts associated with a deal;

  • Team Members / Users - agents associated with a deal;

  • Description;

What information can be synced from FUB integration?

With the help of this integration, Follow Up Boss users can see contacts, leads, and clients in the back office system as well as push transactions from Brokermint into FUB as deals.

  • Sync Follow Up Boss contacts, leads, and clients to the back office;

  • Sync transactions from Brokermint into FUB as deals;

  • When a deal is created in Follow Up Boss, it creates an incoming transaction in Brokermint;

  • Both Agent and Source are pulled from FUB to Brokermint as Contacts;

  • Any CRM recorded changes in Follow Up Boss will always be synced to the back office;

How can I activate and configure my FUB integration?

Below you can find a detailed breakdown of all the steps you need to go through to activate and configure the integration.

Step 1: Log in to your Brokermint account, navigate to the User > Add-ons page and click on the Follow Up Boss icon.


Step 2: Then hit the Get Started button to begin the process.


Step 3: Please request your API key from the Follow Up Boss support team and enter it to Connect your account:


Step 4: Move the toggle for syncing:

  • contacts into Brokermint;

  • deals as incoming transactions from FUB;

  • Brokermint transactions to FUB;


You can also assign the agents Follow up boss IDs on the same page by clicking the not set link, where on the right-hand side, it has a Follow Up Boss user id and then on the left-hand side list of your active Brokermint users.


Why I can't connect my own FUB account?

Please note that only one FUB connection can be established per the company. This means that only the first FUB account integrated will work, so it's preferable to use the account owner API key when activating FUB integration. In case you want to activate your FUB integration and the following message occurs, this means that the integration has already been activated by the specified user and can be configured only by that user.


How can I get my API key?

Every user in Follow Up Boss has a unique API Key that can be obtained from the "Admin" -> "API" screen. Note that when an account expires, it enters a grace period, however, the API key remains valid. API key has the same access level as the user whom the key belongs to. For example, the agent's API key allows access only to people assigned to that agent while the broker's API key allows access to all people in the account.

How to push contacts to Brokermint?

Contacts will be automatically synced to your BM account and will appear in the Contacts list with Follow Up Boss marked as the lead source:


How to push deals to Brokermint?

In the Brokermint back office imported transactions and contacts end up listed in Transactions > Incoming transactions section with the FOLLOW UP BOSS indicator:


Incoming transactions are "drafts" that can be manually converted to a transaction by clicking on the Accept button. If a deal imported from Follow Up Boss is not needed it can be removed from the Incoming transactions list by clicking on the Discard button.


How deals are pushed to FUB?

When transactions are synced from Brokermint into FUB, transaction data including commission information is pushed to Follow Up Boss in 5-10 minutes whenever a transaction is created or changed. A Brokermint transaction appears in Follow Up Boss as a deal on a specific pipeline according to the settings below:


You can set up the required preference under User > Add-ons > Follow up boss > Configuration.

Please note that all previous transactions (listing, pending, closed, and canceled) will sync in FUB automatically. To avoid duplication, the existing deal in FUB will be merged with the one coming from the Brokermint.
While pushing transactions, the integration will match agents in BM with agents in FUB. Matching is based on Brokermint add-on agent’s mapping or FUB agents (by email or full name), in case there is no match, an offer will be assigned to the current user.

How to assign transactions to my agents?

Transactions can be automatically assigned to your Brokermint users, in order for the system to automate this step you need to click on assign to link and select the correct user that you want to be associated with this transaction. The system remembers your choice and automatically defaults transactions to correct users based on their Follow up boss user id.


This cross-reference table is also available on the configuration page as was mentioned above, under User > Add-ons > Follow Up Boss > Configuration. On the right-hand side, it has a Follow Up Boss user id, and then on the left-hand side list of your active Brokermint users.

Once set up, the integration imports data and during import notifies corresponding users regarding new Incoming transactions. Users with limited access can see their own Incoming transactions only, administrators with access to all transactions can see all Incoming transactions and can process them on behalf of users.

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