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Executive Dashboard Segmentation: By Project
Executive Dashboard Segmentation: By Project
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If segmenting the Dashboard by Project, a menu prompt to the right of the ‘By Projects’ selection will appear for you to select the Projects you’d like included in the metrics.

The Projects header will include how many projects are in these metrics along with the aggregated Average Closing Time of tasks for all selected projects.

The following task bar will segment all tasks in the following Statuses: Open, Overdue, Deferred, Pending GC, Pending QA, & Closed. Hover over each option to view the number of items in each Status or select an item to view the detailed breakdown by Project below.

Selecting the + symbol next to each Project will give you a further breakdown of each status by Subcontractor within each project.

'By Projects' Header Overview


Project names within our software

Task Creators

Number of Users in the software who have created a task. Selecting this number will segment the tasks by the User

% of Tasks Complete

This percentage is the number of tasks that have been completed in relation to tasks uploaded to the project

Average Closing Time

The average amount of days it takes to close out tasks in a given project

Time > Avg Closing Time

The number of active tasks in a project that are in any status that are more than the Average Closing Time

Total # of Tasks

Total number of tasks within the project

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