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Executive Dashboard Segmentation: By Subcontractor
Executive Dashboard Segmentation: By Subcontractor
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If segmenting the Dashboard by Subcontractor, a drop down menu to the right of the ‘By Subcontractors’ will appear for you to select the Subcontractors you’d like included in the metrics.

The ‘Subcontractors’ header will include how many Subcontractors are included in these metrics along with the aggregated Average Closing Time of tasks for all selected Subcontractors.

The following task bar will segment all tasks assigned to these Subcontractors in the following Statuses: Open, Overdue, Deferred, Pending GC, Pending QA, & Closed. Hover over each option to view the number of items in each Status. Or select an item to view the detailed breakdown by Subcontractor below.

Selecting the + symbol next to each Subcontractor will give you a further breakdown tasks statuses assigned to the Subcontractor by Project.

'By Subcontractors Header Overview


The name of the Subcontracting Companies invited to your projects


The number of Projects you have invited this subcontractor too

Avg Overdue Time

The average amount of days this Subcontractor has tasks in an open or overdue state

Note: Average Overdue time is based on how long it takes for a tasks to be completed

Time> Avg Overdue Time

The number of active tasks per project currently in the Open status that have been in the Open status longer than the Average Overdue Time

Avg Time Pending Approval

The Average time this subcontractors tasks are in a Pending General Contractor or Developer Status

Time > Avg Pending Time

The number of active tasks per project in the Pending Status that have been in the Pending Status longer than the average

Time> Avg Closing Time

The number of active tasks in a project that are in any status that are more than the Average Closing Time

Total # of Tasks

Total number of tasks assigned to this subcontractor

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