Think back to those moments when you went out with friends to a restaurant! After a delicious meal, the waiter walked over to your table and says... "Here is your bill sir" 😬. So everyone sends a bank transfer to one of your friends account and your friend pay the bill.

Think about how much each bank transfer you’ve had to make costs and multiply that with the number of times you’ve had to send money to your friend. Let’s be honest, that is good money. Money you could have used to see a movie or buy shawarma 😩

With Bundle, you can send money to anyone on your contact list for FREE, as long as they have the Bundle App. RIP unnecessary Bank Charges ⚰️.

Bundle is a fun social payments app for cash or crypto. Not only do we make it easy to send cash like Naira (NGN), we also make it easy to send crypto such as Bitcoin.

What can you do with Bundle?

1. Send and Receive cash or crypto instantly 💸

Send, request and receive cash or crypto for FREE with a few taps. You can pay back your friend for dinner last night or send them the biscuit money you owe them. You can send a cool message with an emoji too 😎.

2. Send cash or crypto to your contacts not on Bundle 💁🏾‍♀️

Want to pay someone not on Bundle? Send cash or crypto to them through their phone number for FREE. They only need to download Bundle to receive it.

3. Buy and sell crypto 💰

Bundle enables you to buy and sell Bitcoin, BNB and Ethereum. After adding Naira to your Bundle account using the 'ADD CASH' feature, you can proceed to Buy any crypto featured in the bundle App.
You can also sell your crypto to Naira and withdraw Naira to your bank account.

You can buy and sell as little as NGN 505 worth of Bitcoin or BNB.

4. Withdraw and deposit crypto 🏦

Want to move crypto out of Bundle to another wallet? Tap withdraw to start. You can also deposit Bitcoin, Ethereum and BNB for storage in our smart wallet for free.

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