• Gift cards allow you to pay subscriptions on apps like Netflix (even the US and UK versions) and Spotify, and shop on ASOS, Nike and other foreign stores. 🤯
  • If you’ve been finding it difficult to pay on international websites with a local debit card, gift cards are your simple solution. 🧘🏾‍♂️

To buy a gift card on Bundle:

1. Open Bundle, then tap Apps on your Bundle home screen.

2. Under Third-party, tap Bitrefill [Buy Gift Card].

3. You can search and filter to see available gift cards.

4. Choose a gift card.

5. Choose the amount you want to load on your gift card then tap Add 1 to cart.

6. Tap Checkout.

7. Your Bundle wallet will open automatically. Choose an asset to pay with.

8. Confirm your payment.

9. Type in your Bundle PIN.

10. We’ll process your payment and you'll get your gift card code on the app.

We hope we’ve been helpful.

If you have any questions or a comment, please tap the purple and white circle on the lower right side of your screen and send us a message.

There’s always someone at Bundle waiting to help you.

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